Each 10 ml. contains aqueous extract obtained from:
Anardana 5000 mg.
Blackberry seeds 5000 mg.
Molasses 5000 mg.
Gum 5000 mg.
Aniseed 5000 mg.
Cumin Seed 2500 mg.
Turmeric 2500 mg.
Clove 1000 mg.
Dry ginger 1000 mg.
Makoi 1000 mg.
Ashok Chhal 1000 mg.
Basil 500 mg.
Asafoetida 200 mg.

Recommended Usage:

Large Animals Loading dose of 200 ml just after parturition followed by 200 ml. after 6 hours then 100 ml. twice daily for 3 days after wards.
Small Animals Loading dose of 100 ml just after parturition followed by 100 ml. after 6 hours then 50 ml twice daily 3 days after wards. Double the dose for animals weighting above 400kg.

• To prevent retention of placenta
• For timely involution of uterine hom
• As a uterine tonic & cleansing agent
• For optimizing milk production after early partution
In Case of retained placenta:
• To facilitate easy expulsion of retained placenta, pus & tissue debris.
• To assist in manual removal
• For optimizing milk productions after parturition.