Liver Tonic and Growth Promoter

Cumimum cyminum fruit 20 mg.
Trachyspemun ammi fruit 20 mg.
Curcuma longa rhizome 20 mg.
Ferula asafoetida powder 20 mg.
Boerhavia diffusa roots 20 mg.
Withania somnifera roots 20 mg.
Shilajit powder 20 mg.
Picrorhiza kurroa roots 200 mg.
Cichorium intybus seeds 200 mg.
Andrographics paniculata plant 200 mg.
Eclipta alba plant 200 mg.
Phyllanthus niruri herb 200 mg.
Food Colour, Flavour and Preservatives added. 200 mg.

Direction for use:


Cattle, Horses & Camels 50ml twice daily
Sheep’s & Goats 20ml twice daily


Chicks 5ml/100 birds daily
Growers 10ml/100 birds daily
Layers/Broilers 20ml/100 birds daily


Live Stock:

• Protects liver from feed/water related toxins/contaminants
• Optimises the utilisations of feed ingredients.
• Helps counts the hepatic damage by deworming agents
• Heavy medication, Antibiotic Therapy & Toxicity
• Helps improve milk Production.

• Promotes growth
• Improves FCR
• Improves weight gain
• Improves fat metabolism
• Improves egg production
• Improves egg shell quality and reduces egg shell breakages
• Improves liveability
• Protects liver from feed/water related toxins/contaminants
• Optimises
• The utilisation of feed ingredients