A Nutritional Liquid feed supplement of Calcium Phosphorous, vitamins D3, H & B12 for Animal Feeding. The best combination of Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamins & Minerals for your Cattle

Nutritional Value per 100 ml:
Calcium 1650 mg.
Phosphorus 850 mg.
Vitamin-D3 8000 I.U.
Vitamin-B12 100 mcg.
Vitamin-H 2% 20 mcg.
Ext. of Leptadenia 20 mg.
Ext. of Shatavari 20 mg.
Ext. of Kalonji 10 mg.
Ext. of Aswgandha 10 mg.

Recommended Usage:

Cattle/Buffalo 50 ml. twice daily
Horses 50 ml. twice daily
Claves/ dogs 10-20 ml. twice daily

• To supplement the requirement of Calcium & Phosphorus for health & productivity.
• To replenish Calcium & Phosphorus passed out through milk.
• Unique formula for better Calcium absorption in the body leading to optimum milk production
• To minimise the incidences of metabolic disorders.
• To meet higher requirement of calcium during Gestation Period & Lactation Period.
• The present herbs are helpful in case of Lactation period. The present herbs are helpful in case of Lactation of cattle, helpful in providing strength to Cattle & is also helpful to increase milk yield of cattle.

Doodh-cal Gold Liquid Helps in:
• Improve milk yield in cattle
• Formation of strong bones in growing animal